Matt Kolbe Memorial Fund

"Take Me Out To The Ballgame!"

About the Matt Kolbe Memorial Fund

          The Matt Kolbe Memorial Fund was established in the Spring of 2011 after the unfortunate passing of Matt Kolbe.  Matt was an inspirational figure in the community of Chilton, WI and often went out of his way to brighten the mood of others.  Matt was a graduate of Chilton High School in the class of 2008.  Matt was well-known for his passion for Chilton Tiger sports and was frequently seen at any sporting event held in town.  His main interests were for baseball and basketball.  Matt was so accepted by both the varsity baseball and men's basketball teams that both asked him to be their team manager during the respective seasons.  Matt enjoyed cheering others on in times of triumph and in defeat.  The score did not matter to him, just as long as you gave it your all.
          Matt was a role model to others and taught people what living life was truly about.  He showed us how to love unconditionally and to accept everyone.  Matt encompassed four major personality characteristics throughout his life: Acceptance, Kind-Heartedness, Selflessness, and Loving.  It is this way of life that inspired the creation of the Matt Kolbe Memorial Fund.  The memorial fund intends to promote Matt's legacy that he left for us and support organizations and events that do so as well. 

Fundraising Events and Organizations

To date, the Matt Kolbe Memorial Fund has been able to raise funds through many different events throughout the year.  The memorial fund uses the money generated through these events to support area organizations and causes.  Below is a list of the fundraising events that the memorial fund has held so far and a list of the organizations and causes that have or will receive support in the future.
  • Matt Kolbe Memorial Baseball Tournament
  • Various food, toy, and coat drives
  • Other events
Organizations and Causes